Solutions for healthcare teams

We work to improve individual behaviour and team performance to positively impact patient care and safety.

Solutions to meet your team’s unique needs

Meet and discovery

Get to know your team, learn about your unique needs and challenges and assess the situation.


Work with your team to identify key opportunities and issues.

Plan development

Present solutions and recommendations based on a continuous improvement cycle approach.

Implement and collaborate

Work collaboratively to support a change journey and implement solutions.

Pregnant women being assessed

The original

Focused on the Labour and Delivery team, moreOB works on behavior changes that reduce risk, increase patient safety, and ultimately provide better patient care.

  • People-led and supported by a team
  • Continuous Improvement cycle
  • Works with and through the patient-facing team
  • Partners with all teams (patient-facing, regional or leadership)
  • Focuses on important team issues and initiatives
  • Draws on resources to support change (clinical content, local protocols, provincial guidelines)
  • Worked with over 16,000 participants, across 300+ hospitals, coast-to-coast

100% Canadian

Coast to coast

300 + Hospitals

20 + Years

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