Introducing is a new division of Salus Global, created to build upon the 20 years of labor and delivery initiatives (moreOB) with a more enhanced focus on behavioral change. Rory Walker, Vice President Business Development and Heidi Ludwick, Vice President of Marketing noted, “We’re excited to expand on our vision by creating customized solutions for hospitals and healthcare providers that will change the way they work together. Through our work with moreOB, we realized the common healthcare challenges are not limited to one team, department, or unit. With we are able to look at the broader ecosystem, identify core problems and create solutions to make meaningful change”.

Rory added, “With your initiative or Milestone can be whatever length of time period that is needed to achieve the desired outcome.  One size does not fit all.  The focus of the work (initiative or Milestone) depends on the needs of the unit, department or team.  It isn’t pre-determined.  Need support getting ready for Accreditation?  Looking for ways to tackle Mental Health issues?  Looking for ways to address contingency planning?  Do you want to examine the optimization of birth outcomes?  Are you looking to reassess patient flow?  The bottom line is that success with (of which moreOB is one) can look different for every team.  We have the consultants, the approach, and the experience to assess, collaborate on a plan, implement, reflect and repeat as necessary”.

While we are excited to introduce, this is also a way to recognize the improvements in moreOB (now known as ‘moreOB, the original SG.solution’).  All of the changes are designed to bring great value and impact to team health, performance and at the root, patient care and safety.

We’ve learned from our history, we’ve built on our history, we’re creating history.

We are grateful to our shareholders (HIROC, the CMPA and the SOGC), with whom we have a shared vision – #Partnersinsafercare.

About is a division of Salus Global, a boutique Canadian healthcare consulting firm. We focus on helping create positive behavioural change in core areas that impact risk, safety and the quality of patient care. moreOB, the original SG.solution has been introduced in over 300 hospitals, to over 16,000 healthcare professionals coast-to-coast.